Open access to Willowbanks finest drag way, burning rubber, hemi V8s (and a few 6pots) at wide open throttle, even a dyno you can run a Willys Jeep on for that 34HP rush! Its all a part of what is happening at Willowbank Raceway for the 2018 Mopar Sunday even on the 29th of July!

I have been attending this even now for a number of years and still amazes me the quality of vehicles that are in the show and shine, the horsepower that seemingly increases every year (not hard when you have factory Mopars now running the Hellcat 6.2 force fed giant) speaking of which, yes the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk with its 707 HP or 527 KW will be in attendance for the first time.

The original SRT Grand Cherokee came about in the WH version with its 6.1L 311kw NA monster that subsequently moved to the 6.4 (392) in the WK2 revision, 2013 brought about a new 8 speed auto and suddenly you had a very convincing long distance highway tourer and daily family hauler that would real off low 13 sec passes (the odd high 12 if the conditions were right) and embarrass a few HSVs in the process, Mopar being what they are and having a history of shoe horning big engines into places they should never fit did exactly that with the latest unhinged version of the WK2 delivering 11 second 1/4 mile into a luxury packaged SUV. I have it on good authority it will be making some passes down Willowbank to assert its authority on Australian soil and that should not be missed, I believe the term turn it up to 11 coined by a certain movie back in 1984 is somewhat appropriate here.

The history of Mopar on display is something not to miss, the rebuilt from the ground up 1941 Willys Jeep that won a war, to the E38 R/T Chargers that won hearts and races in the 80s and through to the last of the JK Wranglers rolling off the line ending an era. Regardless of if you are a Jeep addict or simply love the smell of tyre smoke and glorious note of a Hemi at full noise visiting this family run event is a must.

Cricks at Mt Gravatt have gone out of the dealer realm once again to sponsor this event, this truly shows their passion for the product runs deep regardless of if you are buying new, having your older one serviced or supporting the loyalists to the brand, they have you covered. They are even giving away a few passes so watch this space to find out how to win!

Be sure to visit to get your entry in and be part of the ever growing Mopar Sunday activities.

Written by Jeep Adventure expert: Ryan Lennon