If the old adage of 'win on Sunday, sell on Monday' has any merit then I can see Cricks at Mt Gravatt having a few long days in the weeks ahead after sponsoring the Annual Mopar Sunday held at Willowbank Raceway.

Any dealership can advertise on the radio, setup the balloons on a Saturday and hope for the best, sure they will sell a few cars but it takes a different kind of dealership to really get involved and understand the brands true fans, the Mopar fans (old and new) 'your either with us or behind us' the Jeep nuts (yes we are a special breed) 'don't question it just wave' and the newcomers into the brands who will become the next generation of enthusiasts.

Mopar really is a way of life rather than just another brand, nothing really invokes as much passion as a company who leads the world in the ultimate 4x4 line-up, Jeep being the first way back in 1941 to create the segment, anything Hemi powered 'Dodge/Chrysler' having true racing pedigree, heritage and enough power to rotate the earth backwards on a full rpm launch and every year one upping themselves to remain at the top of the game.

It takes a special kind of company to bring out bespoke vehicles that appeal to it's core supporters and raise the heart beats of their fans rather than the bean counters, over the years deep in the skunkworks of Mopar the Rubicon was born; the ultimate off the showroom floor without compromise, Chrysler realising the thirst for v8 muscle and that 'more power' is always on the agenda green lit an Australian only (smallest market in the world with the steering wheel on the wrong side) SRT Chrysler 300 because well 'they could' and that really is the reason why a dedicated day such as Mopar Sunday exists, for those of us who love brand that invokes passion, pushes the boundaries, gives a nod to it's heritage (of which there was a lot of there as well) and let's face it creates some of the world's most memorable engines (hellcat... cough)

It is a family event that really entertains everyone, from the show and shine that had some truly outstanding high quality custom builds and incredibly detailed resto builds, an onsite Dyno which made for some entertaining and ear bleeding moments with some screaming force fed Hemi's nudging the limiter (and the odd Jeep which was akin to watching a mouse run on its wheel in comparison) and if that wasn't enough to satisfy you Mopar needs there is a fully equipped quarter mile drag strip where you can test your own Mopar against the clock be it Grandpa's Valiant running 18.3 seconds or the off the boat fresh Charger Hellcat's that loved the 11 second bracket.

Supporting an event like this doesn't come lightly but it takes a dealership that understands their customers to host such an event, they get that it's more than just another car purchase it is a passionate process, so if you're looking to join the Mopar revolution, wanting to add to your garage or like some up us update to the latest model do yourself a favour and speak to the ones who live and breathe the brand and don't just know how to blow up the balloons.

Ryan Lennon - The Jeep Expert & Valued client of Cricks Mt Gravatt