Forget what you thought about the old Compass/Patriot models previously sold in Australia. Those were developed prior to the FiatChrysler merger and unfortunately were robbed of some of the better quality finishes they deserved by a company that at the time was having serious financial issues. Fast forward to late 2017 and the Compass suddenly becomes what many journalists are calling the best Jeep ever built, period. The 2018 Compass is all new from the ground up and has the best of FCA technology, fit and finish, sourced for the Italian American companies various brands and suppliers.

Sitting on a lengthened Jeep Renegade platform and this time sharing parts with its bigger more luxurious brothers the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, the Compass for 2018 has moved the goal posts forward in every regard; from what we know so far, it will follow the same line up as the Cherokee starting with a base Sport moving up to the mid-range Longitude, and then up to the luxurious Limited and even a Trailhawk variant ensuring that typical of Jeep they are the most off-road capable in its class. Itís not Wrangler Rubicon capable but apparently not far behind. Itís been designed to relaunch Jeep back into a massive segment of the market with a real bang. Focussing on best in class town and open road commuting, infotainment systems, ride and handling and everything that is expected in the most auto competitive segment there is.

So far confirmed is the (9 speed first for the segment) ZF auto pared with next generation software, the 2.4 tigershark multiair petrol and next generation (soon to come after launch) 2.0L CRD will also be added to the mix teamed with the 9speed box as well for those who love low down torque. The Trailhawk will reportedly see a 1inch lift over the other models to aid in less belly rubbing, in line with the Jeep only Ďtrail ratedí badge it will also have added under body protection and even a rock mode in the all new 4x4 system which can also transfer up to 100 percent of power to 1 wheel to aid in forward progress if your off the blacktop exploring. Be it in the high country for a ski trip or tripping between the NT and QLD via the plenty highway the capability is reassuring.

For those who do the daily commute, aside from the carlike handling that has been praised overseas, the soft touch finishes around the cabin, the classy 8.5 Uconnect with Bluetooth and live streaming of audio, the new Compass will have you wanting to take the long way home.

As soon as we can land our hands on one on Aussie soil we will have a full road test and some further details, alternatively you will also be the first to know when we have one so come down and check it out first hand as that is always the best way to truly experience the difference.

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