This is final edition of our Jeep Adventure experts 11 day trip in his Jeep Wrangler. We pick up from part 2 on day 6 where he will be venturing to the snow covered victorian highlands....

Warraween is a 4x4 meca in the heart of the Flinders Rangers and simply a must visit if your in the area, they have a variety of tracks ranging from easy to Mt Gill, needless to say piloting with the Rubicon, the choice was easy, Mt Gill it was. You meet up with the owner of the park before heading out and are given keys to access various parts of the property, Mt Gill track takes you 900m above sea level and gives you the best view of this part of the country. By view I mean 360 degrees of overlooking the Flinders rangers. To get there you drive through gullys, georges, up steep rocky slopes, some decent ruts that you would lose a less capable 4x4 in. Its low range 36km trail takes you 6 hours of driving and was awesome!

Again time was not being my friend, so back onto the black top and towards a lil known haunt,literally. The little town of Burra in SA was calling my name, being a sucker for ruins and anything thats not on the tourist strip I was intrigued by this little town once inhabited by a few thousand Cornish miners. It also allowed some time in a hotel, a decent shower, some charging ability for my now very drained camera and other video equipment and also for the first time in a few days some reception. This led to a very random spare of the moment decision that would lead to 1100km driving expedition between Burra and Melbourne the next morning. You see Jeepers tend to be friends with a lot of other Jeepers and this leads to us being members of various social media groups one of which was JK Experience. They were doing a snow run after a fresh dumping of snow in the Victorian highlands and being a Queenslander, who doesn't get to experience snow yearly, this spiked my interest. A quick chat and about 0.1 seconds of thought process I advised them that I would be meeting them at Lilydale McDonalds for a 7am meet up on the Sunday morning. 1100km later and a short kip at a local motel, I was meeting up with some of the coolest jeep enthusiasts for a run into the Victorian hills to play in that powdery white stuff called snow. One thing that still amazes me about the Jeep community is just how welcoming and how much of a big family it really is. After a day of wheeling low range and lockers engaged entertainment we enjoyed a pub meal and chatted like we were old friends, put simply it was one of the most memorable experiences I've had in road tripping this country.

This sadly marked the end of exploring the Rubicons capability off the black stuff and the remainder of the trip was 110km an hour, cruise control locked on and Ipod cranking out a playlist at chest thumping levels. It did give me time to reflect on the journey undertaken and just how easily the JK dealt with broken tarmac, days of highspeed corrugations, high speed heat and desert driving. How easily it handled low range wheel lifting rock crawling in the Flinders, the -4 deg temps in the Victorian high country all while fully loaded and returning reasonable fuel consumption, not once did I have a sore back or feel like I'd just done torture testing.  After owning FPVs, SS commodores and a few other brands, it remains one of the most comfortable vehicles to get in and point at a destination to spend a few days or weeks behind the wheel. With that said, the incoming JL has some huge shoes to fill, some epic capability to better and has a big task ahead to do all of this and maintain the fun factor of owning a Wrangler. I seriously look forward to testing this when it arrives at the end of the 2018 and will give a first hand report when I do,cricks may struggle to get their JL back. Until then the JK is hard to beat when it comes to a unique, insanely capable comfortable overlanding vehicle, it just ticks all the right boxes and puts a smile on your face.