1 Jeep Wrangler, 7500km & 11 Days - Part 2

This is part 2 of our Jeep Adventure experts 11 day trip in his Jeep Wrangler. We pick up from part 1 on day 3 where he plays a game of golf which starts in QLD goes through NSW and finishes the game via SA all the the same day....

I wasnt planning on spending the night at the Corner but little sleep the night before due to a sold-out town and attempting to sleep between the drivers seat and the passengers seat in a JK is less than a comforting nights rest (don’t try it), I decided to opt for a cabin and get some early afternoon ZZZs before pointing the nose down the New Strez track for the run into the flinders rangers. While at the corner you can also partake in Tri State Golf… I normally believe that Golf is a great way to spoil a good walk but it is a novel attraction and the only place I know where you can tee off in QLD, bash that white ball into NSW and return to the pub via SA…. The beer is cold and they had a great scotch selection so the priorities were sorted. I must mention the publican also makes a great meal and they really interact well with their patrons, if its not on your bucket list…. make a space.

Leaving early, it becomes apparent that being petrol is a good thing as there is no line up for the pump, 80litres of dead dinosaur later at $2.00 per Litre. I headed back towards the Strez track to tackle the few hundred kilometres remaining into Lyndhurst. Do not let the forbidden desert fool you, the new Strez track made for comfortable 100-110km per hour cruising and was smoother than some of the tar roads in western Queensland. This was short lived however as I headed north and up into the long forgotten town of Farina, by forgotten I mean its a town that is literally ruins complete with 1960s street signs, the shell of a hospital, pub and even its own cricket ground the FCG, although it would seem that the last century scored there wouldn’t be far from a century itself. Farina does have its own campground and it also sits beside a 1800s cemetery. 

This was truly a highlight of this trip and really calls into focus just how hard they had it, I got to do this journey in a comfortable reliable capable vehicle with climate control, supportive comfortable seats and a thumping sound system, the ones who built this now abandoned town were forging a rail line across this barren desert, in scorching weather, little overall knowledge of the next water source, using bullocks to create what little roads there were and later on using very basic modes of transport to get around. It is really something else to experience something like this little forgotten town and truly appreciate how it has forged a path for how we live today.

I truly wanted to spend more time exploring this really unique place but time was not being my friend and so I had to head south and meet up with the owner of Warraweena to go on a 4x4 experience and explore the Flinders Rangers that little bit deeper, and what a treat that was..... 

Coming up in part 3: The Jeep expert travels into Victoria and does some 4x4 driving in the snow..